Services and activities

Services and activities

Alternative Centregens offers many different activities and programs for those who live with or have experienced mental health issues. Centregens welcomes francophone, anglophone and all communities. Our activities are to help people get out of their homes, to encourage them in participating and having fun. We want to make the lives of those who come to Centregens better and make them feel welcome. Our main purpose is to have services, conferences and various activities to give our members a variety of ways to deal with everyday situations.

Psychosocial support

Our philosophy of intervention is based on our systematic approach and is client centered. We offer support, communication and finding solutions to everyday life situations. The interventions can be done in many ways, either individually, by phone or as a couple. Every psychosocial worker at Alternative Centregens is equipped with knowledge and does their work professionally with care.

Physical and social activities

Our physical activities help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their team spirit as well as their state of mind. Each year we offer the possibility to go to a summer camp and we do different outdoor activities such as going swimming, taking walks and other themed activities. The social activities help the members break their isolation at home and build their confidence for everyone is included. Our activities also help their communication skills and create a better bond between members. At the center, we have bingo, different social activities, themed parties and board games.

Creativity and self-expression

Our activities allow the members to develop and express their creativity and also share their passion. Self expression through art allows our members to feel relaxed and improves their concentration and perseverance. Our activities are: choir, karaoke, painting, drawing, decoration, knitting, meditation and self care.


Every Wednesday we receive food distributions from Moisson Rive-Sud that is distributed and also used at the center. With their help, we are able to give free lunches every Tuesday and Friday as well as prepare healthy frozen meals to sell at a low price.

Formation, information and conferences

Information, training and conferences are intended to inform and equip the member so that the member can better understand themselves and get back into action, thereby promoting the improvement of their mental health. The conferences are suggested by the members as well as the staff and interns.